Instruments are for playing, not holding!

Instrument Stands Part 1: Brass

As I see it, there are three main ways to play an instrument adaptively:

1. Modify your technique

2. Modify the instrument itself

3. Modify the way the instrument is held

 Musicians with limb differences need to use all of their functional body parts to play their instruments effectively.  Therefore, holding an instrument should take as little effort as possible.  Although some products exist on the market, many players have created their own instrument stands.  In this post, I’ll share some solutions for holding brass instruments. 

Felix Klieser is a professional French Horn player from Germany.  (His playing is stunning! Listen!) He plays with his left foot.  Felix’s horn rests on an adjustable stand with an extension for his heel.


The MERU Trombone Stand was won an award for Enabling Apparatus in the 2015 competition organized by the One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust.


ErgoBrass supports are available for purchase worldwide.  They have created supports for trombone, trumpet, French horn, and euphonium.  These supports do not allow the instrument to stand on its own, however, they reduce the strain on the player.  


Caitlin Driver designed this trumpet holder for a boy who is missing his left hand.  The device was designed for a Bach Student Trumpet TR300.  The 3D printable files are available here.



Do you use a support for playing a brass instrument?  Leave a comment and share your solution!


One thought on “Instruments are for playing, not holding!

  1. Hi I have a 6 year old with a limb difference that would be interested!! Is that too young? My husband is a worship pastor and we both played instruments in high school. I have always wondered how she would play a recorder because she is missing her right arm at the elbow.


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