There is a one-handed clarinet!

Guess what!  You can play clarinet with one hand!  I am so excited to tell you about this new instrument!

Peter Worrell, an instrument maker in the UK, has done tremendous work for musicians with limb differences.  He recently developed a one-handed clarinet!



As you may know from my previous posts, instrument stands are crucial to allow musicians to focus on playing.  Peter shows two options for supports:

 You can purchase a Daniel’s Claritie separately, though Peter includes the contraption with his one-handed clarinets.

Peter’s contributions to the adaptive musician community also include the development of the Dolmetsch One-Handed Recorders:


And, he created my own customized recorders!


Peter added keys to a soprano recorder for me in 2013.  One year later, he customized an alto with the same design.   
Thank you, Peter, for your beautiful, high-quality instruments!  Your craftsmanship and creativity continue to amaze me!