Another Use for Belts

Belts are useful.  They hold up your pants.  Or, if you need a little extra support, your violin.  

violin belt 2

I learned about this adaptation from Samantha, a fiddle player in California.  When Samantha was twenty-one, she was in a car accident.  Even though she had no major injuries from the accident, her neck hurt playing violin.  She tried to raise up her shoulder rest and use extra pads.  Then she explored using a strap.  Samantha experimented with many straps until she discovered one that worked best: a thin, leather-woven belt.  


Samantha puts the belt around her neck and then fits it around her fiddle.  It allows her to look up, talk, sing, and give instructions to musicians and dancers.  What a great solution!

belt on neck       violin belt
Thanks, Samantha, for sharing!

Recorders For All: Project Update


Latest Prototype Design

I have an update on the Recorders for All project!

Engineering work was delayed for several months, but we are back on track and we hope to have a prototype ready for testers soon.  We have changed our design to an injection-molded key cluster.  Learn more about our progress here!

Thank you, Makers4Good, for your hard work to make the recorder accessible to everyone!


Video Chat Meeting with the Engineering Team