If you can’t find a way, you can make one instead!

During the past decade, 3D printing has become much more mainstream.  As a result, it is getting easier for people with disabilities to prototype and create customized adaptations.   

Check out Max, a young drummer:  


Max’s dad, Rich Lehrer, teaches technology at the Brookwood School.  His students create solutions to real life problems.  Both Rich and his students have created adaptations for Max.  Even Max is getting into engineering!

How do they design these adaptations?  Tinkercad.

Tinkercad is a free, user-friendly platform that allows anyone to become an engineer.  You can find resources online to learn how to use the program or you can learn through the experience of making something.  Try it!  

Rich and I hope to make a problem bank of musical instrument adaptations that can be created with 3D printing.  What would you like to see invented?


2 thoughts on “If you can’t find a way, you can make one instead!

  1. It is remarkable what you fantastic people do and provide. I , at the age of 48, always wanted to play piano. But, I also have symbymodtrophy of my left hand. I hear the piano as no other. I also love the sax. But the piano in the inner ear , I’m sure that most people will agree, is the cleanest most pure tone you will EVER hear. Anyway, technology is our teacher.


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