Wrap It Up!

Some solutions require engineering design and specialists, yet others require nothing more than a trip to the local pharmacy.  In this post, I’d like to share a few adaptations made with Self-Adhesive Bandage Wrap.


This material is reusable, it sticks to itself, it grips well, and it costs about $4 per package.  Not bad for prototype material!

When I was an undergraduate music education student, I took a Percussion Methods class.  Even though I am perfectly capable of holding a snare stick in my right hand, I decided to wrap the stick to my hand.  As such, my fingers didn’t need to squeeze so tightly.  My hand didn’t get tired, and I was able to have the loose, flexible grip I needed to try double stroke rolls and other rudiments.  


This kind of wrap works for individuals missing a hand, as well.  

Mallet Adaptation

Granted, this solution is probably a temporary fix.  Advanced percussionists missing hands often use more high-tech prosthetic devices.  Bandage wrap can be a simple first solution, and therefore I strongly advocate that students missing a hand play with two mallets in elementary music classrooms.  

What else can you do with self-adhesive bandages?  I recently dusted off my violin.  I never used a bow adaptation, but I am wondering if I would have a better bow grip if the frog was wrapped.  Would a comfortable, grippy surface work better for me?  I’ll keep experimenting!

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