One-Handed Ocarina

The ocarina is an instrument with many variations.  Some have four holes, some have six, some have twelve.  Some are made of wood, some are made of metal, some are made of plastic.  Thanks to the Ocarina Workshop, some can be played with one hand.

Christa Liggins at the Ocarina Workshop says that their motto is “Music for Every Child and Every Teacher.”  She noted that “adapting their ocarina-making tool to produce one-handed ocarinas was costly, but they have done this to enable children with the use of only one hand to integrate fully into Ocarina lessons.”  Thank you, Christa and friends at the Ocarina Workshop, for being champions of accessibility!

The one-handed Ocarina costs £ 20.00.  This is roughly twice the cost of their standard plastic Ocarina.  (In comparison, the Aulos Recorder for Players with Disabilities costs four times the cost of their standard model.)  For a commercially produced adapted instrument, the One-Handed Ocarina is certainly on the more affordable side.

I was curious about this instrument, so I ordered one.  Here is a sample!

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