MERU Instrument Stands

When I attended the OHMI Conference in September, I had the great pleasure of meeting Cara O’Sullivan and Hayley Philippault, two amazing representatives of the MERU Organization.  MERU designs customized and ready-made products for people with disabilities, and they have created several stands for musical instruments.  Last month they won two “Enabling Apparatus” awards for the 2018 OHMI Competition!


Cara and Hayley with their Instrument Stands and Awards

The Trombone Support Bracket is a 3D printed piece that attaches to a trombone to hold it securely to a cymbal stand.  This piece is inexpensive to produce, and Cara and Hayley brought a 3D printer to the conference to show how quickly it can be made.

The Euphonium and Tuba Stand fits a variety of low brass instruments.  The height and angle of the instrument can be adjusted to suit the player.

Low Brass Stand

Euphonium Stand

Holding an instrument is a major challenge for musicians with physical disabilities, and the MERU stands prove that accessibility can be high-quality, elegant, and affordable.  I can’t wait to see what they create next!


Trumpet Stand Prototype


7 thoughts on “MERU Instrument Stands

  1. My husband, a retired instrumental teacher and a professional trombone player almost all his life had a stroke last May of this year! He is now still having OT specifically on his left arm so he can play trombone again! He is able to hold the trombone a little bit but his fingers would slip and hurt after a while! Just wondered if there is a device to help out! I’ll give you his email! Thank you!


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