Felix Klieser: Professional French Horn Player

I recently had the extraordinary pleasure of communicating with Felix Klieser, one of the best French Horn players in the world.  Felix kindly shared some information with me about his training and technique as a horn player who plays with his feet. Valerie: How did you make a stand for your instrument?  Did you try … Continue reading Felix Klieser: Professional French Horn Player

Wrap It Up!

Some solutions require engineering design and specialists, yet others require nothing more than a trip to the local pharmacy.  In this post, I’d like to share a few adaptations made with Self-Adhesive Bandage Wrap. This material is reusable, it sticks to itself, it grips well, and it costs about $4 per package.  Not bad for … Continue reading Wrap It Up!


We are living in a time of Maker Faires, 3D printers, and customized products.  It is time for more affordable soprano recorder adaptations!   For me, a successful recorder adaptation must meet the following criteria: The instrument tone quality and intonation must be excellent. The adaptation must work for people with a variety of physical … Continue reading Possibilities