Hot Jazz: Fingers Working Overtime

Django Reinhardt (1910-1953) was one of the world’s greatest guitarists.  His improvisations and compositions have inspired jazz and popular music guitarists for decades.  Fortunately, Django recorded extensively during his short life; he made over 900 sides of 78-RPM records between 1928 and 1953.  Listen to one of Django’s solos and you will marvel at his … Continue reading Hot Jazz: Fingers Working Overtime

Instruments are for playing, not holding!

Part 2: Stringed Instruments True or False: Cellos are always played with the strings perpendicular to the floor.   False! All you need is ingenuity, perseverance, and a cello stand. Inga and Elena play cello adaptively.  They use their left feet to bow and their right feet to press on the fingerboard.  Inga and Elena … Continue reading Instruments are for playing, not holding!