MERU Instrument Stands

When I attended the OHMI Conference in September, I had the great pleasure of meeting Cara O’Sullivan and Hayley Philippault, two amazing representatives of the MERU Organization.  MERU designs customized and ready-made products for people with disabilities, and they have created several stands for musical instruments.  Last month they won two “Enabling Apparatus” awards for the … Continue reading MERU Instrument Stands

Instruments are for playing, not holding!

Instrument Stands Part 1: Brass As I see it, there are three main ways to play an instrument adaptively: 1. Modify your technique 2. Modify the instrument itself 3. Modify the way the instrument is held  Musicians with limb differences need to use all of their functional body parts to play their instruments effectively.  Therefore, … Continue reading Instruments are for playing, not holding!